Sunday, May 10, 2009

How to Make Every Day Mother's Day...

Convincing people that moms deserve a break every day is harder than you might think. Although people are quick to honor their mothers with trinkets and a day without laundry once a year, they are often unaware of the enormous sacrifices that mothers make over the span of a lifetime.

1. Thank her every day. Many mothers feel that the little things they do that make life easier for everyone else goes unnoticed. Saying thank you to her for the little things will make her feel appreciated.

2. Help her. Every mother, especially a mother of small children, is sleep deprived. Despite this fact, she has to stay busy from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep just to do all of the things that have to be done for her family to survive. Helping her out by doing some things for her every day will make her think that every day is Mother's Day.

3. Allow her to relax. Moms are busy and usually have very little down time to relax. Find ways to encourage her to relax. For example, invite her to sit down a watch a movie with the family.

4. Do something unexpected. Think of something you think she would enjoy. You can take her out to dinner or take her to have a manicure or massage. A child can clean up his room without being told.

5. Hire a maid to come once a week or more often to do the major cleaning tasks take the stress of having to do those tasks off of Mom. You can have the maid come for a just a couple of hours or have her stay all day. Either way, her services will make Mom feel appreciated.


How to Make a Mom Happy

1. Pay attention. No mom in the history of momkind has ever been happy about having to repeat herself. Listen to her the first time and pay attention. Make an effort to really do this and watch the happy happen.

2. Do your share of the housework without being asked or reminded. Make your bed, pick up after yourself, cook a meal, swish the toilet, wash your own dishes, etc. Don’t wait for her to remind you. Whatever you do, don’t wait for her to do it for you.

3. Buy her a present. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but every mom has a collection of homemade candy dishes and cards. Spend a couple of dollars out of your own money on something she will really enjoy and watch her eyes light up. Sometimes, the effort can mean even more than the thought.

4. Give her a real day off. Make it a full day and don’t cop out by choosing Mother’s Day or her birthday. Pick a random day and handle as many of the things she normally does as possible. Do the laundry, grab the mail, pick up groceries, make dinner and pick up younger kids at school.

5. Be nice. Have a good attitude and be project good cheer throughout the day. Be polite and resist the urge to argue. A day without sarcasm or arguments can make even the most hardened mom happy.

6. Take her out. Take her to breakfast and her favorite bookstore. Go bead or yarn shopping if that’s her thing or take her to the racetrack if that’s what she would prefer. Whatever you do, make sure it is something she wants to do.

7. Talk with her. Ask her about her day and give her all the time she needs to answer. Let her go into detail or run off on tangents. People do a lot of talking to and at moms, but not nearly as much talking with them.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why Do Jerks Get All The Women

I got a very interesting

lesson for you today. It will be one of the MOST crucial because now, we are facing our first challenge: determining what basket women will throw you into. Let's get into it:

Can you remember the last time you saw a gorgeous young woman walking down the street but some ugly-mug has HIS arm around her?

Maybe in high-school, at college or at work this incident has happened to you more than on one occasion.

You had your eye on this girl you thought was off the scalein the looks department and you COULDN'T wait to ask her out or to get her number get her number but then ... you realized she had a boyfriend happens to be a complete jerk!

He treates her like garbage and yes, she even tells YOU about her relationship problems with him.

Does that ring a bell?

I bet half of my lunch that you were wondering why she was telling you all about her problems and NEVER wanted more than just to be friends.

I know that all this time you were trying to figure out the big WHY's and even said to yourself "Hmm, that is weird. I would treat her just like she DESERVES to be treated - like a princess. Why the hell does she not go out with me but with this jerk who treats her like sh*t instead?"

You really wanna know WHY you never got any?

Think about it. First of all, you ARE her girlfriend. That's why she's telling you about all her problems and shares stories about guys with you.

Secondly, you AREN'T seeing clearly whats really going on here: Why do you think she is going out with such a jerk in the first place? Why is she fucking him and not you?

Oh, might it be because ... he is hot? Yep he is! She is feeling that emotion that tells her "wow, this guy is hot!" when she's around him. In other words: she is ATTRACTED to him!

He makes her feel this magical word called ATTRACTION. You on the other hand were nothing more than being "nice" and "polite".

You see, women aren't attracted to nice guys because they are BORING. Jerks are the complete opposite of a clingy, whiney nice guy, they're FUN and challenging!

While you would buy her dinner, invite her to the movies and act all "you look very nice tonight" he just goes like "C'mere baby. I don't want you to wearing that top when I'm not around capiche? Ok good, gimme a kiss".

He does what HE wants, demands, plays by his ownrules and is pretty arrogant as well.

But how come women are attracted to bad boys so much more than they are to nice guys that would treat them so much better?

Tomorrow I will talk more about bad boys while you might

play it nice and be all polite but he is bad, he is mean, he is

abusive and he is an asshole. BUT ... he is getting all the girls while the wusses are staring blank at the wall alone.

It's time to fix this once and for all.

I DON'T want you to become a jerk or mean bastard whendealing with women, but it is better to be bad than good!Being nice doesn't get you anywhere.You'll discover all the time-tested tips, tricks and techniquesabout ATTRACTING and dating women more easily and quickly

than you've ever thought possible.


Monday, April 27, 2009

How to Get Your Crush (for Boys and Girls)

Do you have a crush? Here's what to do.

Smile and occasionally look at them from across the room, then look away. Repeat until they smile back or approach you. If the smile seems a bit full on, try glancing at them, then look away for a split second. If they are interested they will most likely still be looking at you. If so, you could try a smile or if you're daring, approach him or her.

Go up and introduce yourself to him or her. Guys/girls normally will turn on to you if you act friendly and flirt at a minimum, not if you full out lunge at them, which may freak them out. Be confident, not cocky! Just be yourself. People relax a lot better if the other person is relaxed as well. Don't press, keep the conversation small, you just met. Be calm, cool, and collected.

If you are not so sure that they like you, ask them to do something outside of school; possibly bring them to a park or with your friend and possibly his or hers as well. Then if things are going well ask if they want to go for a walk with you or something. Just you and them; nobody else.

If you feel that you're okay with it, tell them how you feel. Make sure they like you too; if not, things could get awkward.

Do your research about them, learn their favorite sport, hobby, etc. People are more attracted to those who are smart and those who take an interest in them. Read their Myspace or Facebook profile for interest if they have one.

Make sure to have gum or mints. No one likes bad breath.

Ask them out! They are usually hoping for you to do it (if you're a guy). Girls on the other hand might really want you, but they are sometimes a bit more nervous and don't want to seem "pushy & aggressive".

If they reject you, you can always have a clever comeback! Like if you go up to them and ask,"Do you like me?" and they say,"Yes, as a friend." then you could say back,"Good. Me too. I was just asking because I thought you didn't like me as a friend..." and so on and so forth.

Maybe if things are going well and you and the boy or girl have been talking in school for a while, you can get their number!

Flirt with other boys/girls! If you really like them then flirt in front of them. This gives you the chance to see their reaction. If they laugh or smile they probably have no interest in you, but be careful they may be hiding their emotions.

1. Sometimes, it is a bad idea to tell all of your friends you like someone. The best of friends can go ahead and tell your crush without your permission.

2. Try new looks; a new haircut can do wonders to your confidence.

3. A friendly smile is your best weapon.

4. Try to make them laugh; humor is the best aphrodisiac.

5. Do not insult and pick fights when you are around him or her; petty malice is not attractive.

6. Do not hang all over your crush, he or she might think it is weird. Being too clingy is a turn off.

7. Do not try to annoy your crush, but don't shower him/her too much in compliments either. Balance is good.

8. Do not stalk your crush. For example, having pictures of him or her, and following your crush are common stalking behaviors.

9. If your crush already has feelings for another person, it is okay to still talk, unless they find it annoying. Wait for a more appropriate time.

10. If you think the person returns your feelings, casually say or hint your true feelings. Do not get emotional with a big confession. If your crush does not feel the same way as you do, then just smile and walk away.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doomed from the Beginning?

Doomed from the Start?

When you first start dating a man or woman who you have been attracted to, you might be all starry-eyed and dreamy. But as time goes by you realise the relationship was a mistake and then wish you had seen the problems right from the start. While there is no way of knowing in an instant, it is possible to gauge whether a relationship is over even before it has begun, if only you look for the signs. What are those signs?

Oh! My problems

When you first start dating, there are several things that you can talk about; what the person does, their likes and dislikes, etc. However, if your date can only talk about their unending problems and how hopeless a place the world is, please back off. For, you are probably heading for a relationship that will end up being bitter.

Stood you up

If there is a genuine reason, he or she deserves a second chance. But if it is a silly reason and they did not even bother to inform you, walk away now. Don't wait for a few more stand-ups before realising this person is only full of excuses and can't respect someone enough to at least inform them that he or she won't show up.


When two people get together and the relationship is new, there is no reason that one would want to keep it a secret, unless they are unsure about it. This is a sign that your man or woman is not sure about you and wants to buy time before making the relationship 'official.' But if they are being evasive, watch out, maybe there is a third party involved.

Friends disapprove

Your friends probably know you better than anyone else. If they are apprehensive about the new man or woman in your life, listen to them. Hopefully your friends are the kind of people who look out for you. If your closest friend, who you trust and will only have your best interests at heart warns you - don't be blinded by love; listen to him or her.


A sure sign that your relationship isn't going to get very far is when there are lies being said right from the beginning. If you find out that your new partner has lied to you about something, remember that he or she probably has the capacity to tell bigger lies later on as well. A relationship cannot survive without trust, and only a fool would trust a liar. So be aware of how much your partner is willing to bend the truth. When a relationship goes wrong it can cause a lot of hurt and anger. Of course, it is hard to be guarded when you're in love, but you can at least try to avoid heart break by reading the signs.


Seduction Guide

Your six-point seduction guide

1) Reach into his pocket for the keys: Well, more than just the keys. The lesson is: Never underestimate the power of an unexpected touch. Just by stimulating your partner's nerve endings when they're not prepared for it, you create a positive physical connection that leaves your lover wanting more.

2) Keep him out of the loop: Remember, the less you tell him, the more interested he'll become in you. So to hook him in, when you're chatting, give him the conclusion of the conversation first. For instance, "I got the job," and then stop and wait. You've gotten his attention, now let them draw out of the details.

3) Make small changes for big results: The trick to activate desire is to depart from your everyday look. Maybe take a break from your trousers and move around in an evening gown.

4) Compliment your lover the right way: There's a trick to buttering up your lover right. Make the compliment obscure and exclusive and it will sound more genuine. He may dismiss your flattery with a wave of the hand, but deep down, he'll be loving every second of it.

5) Give your lover a sensory flashback: Think about when you first fell for your partner. What reminds you both of that time. Figure it out and you've found the secret to conjuring up that new-love rush. Your lover will experience something that they associate with falling in love with you; those intense, sensual memories will trigger a positive a physical reaction and generate instant longing.

6) Check out competition: Love works in bizzare ways. If you want to renew your partner's passion for you, slyly capture the eye of someone attractive. It adds a bit of jealousy and a lot of attention.

To smoke your lover's interest, trail someone with your gaze or flash a flirty smile at one of his friends when you know you're being watched. And it never hurts to make an extra bit of effort with your looks when you know you'll be in a situation where others will admire you. Just the possibility of others eyeing you all night will definitely make them appreciate that they're lucky to have you.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Make A Call After Your First Date

When You Are Supposed To Make A Call After Your First Date

Though it may seem like trivia, “when to call after the first date?” is an important question. Calling too soon may make you appear to be the clingy sort. On the other hand, waiting too long before you make a call may cast you in the light of a person who doesn’t care much.

Once the date is over, the first impression that you have made must be strengthened (if the first impression was good, of course). If due to some unfortunate circumstance, you did not really create an impression you wanted to, you could call in order to rectify your mistakes.

What does one talk about after a date? If the date went well, that is, if you both enjoyed and you believe that things could work out between you, then you should ideally have no trouble looking for things to talk about. Tell the other how you had such a good time with them. Ask them whether they enjoyed. Then you could discuss about meeting up again.

The best time to call is 3-4 days after your first date. That gives the other person time to think and examine all the positives and negatives of the date. You may be a little uncomfortable giving the other time to rethink of all the follies you may have made, but it is for the best. A relationship can never work if either partner remains ignorant about the other’s drawbacks. Waiting for a few days also makes the other a little anxious about why you have not called so far or whether they made some mistake during the date. This makes them all the more eager to please when you do call up. Also, during this time, your date might just call you up and then you will know for sure that they did have a good time!

Calling immediately after a date or even on the next day is not a good idea. It is always better to keep the other in suspense about their success for some time. You don’t want to appear too easily pleased. Take some time to think about the date, or atleast appear to. Consider whether or not you can be happy with the person in question. It will always give a better impression if you have thought before reaching a decision. It will also be more flattering for the other person. If you call up too soon, you may be taken as a clingy person who will eventually suffocate the other person in a relationship. Remember a relationship requires you to give time and space to your partner.

A little thing like when to call makes a large difference to your relationship. So weigh your decisions before you act because every little thing counts!